Friends of Malvern Community Hospital are proud to have supported Malvern Community Hospital since 1948.

One way FoMCH show our support for our local hospital is through the purchase of equipment and provision of amenities. Our goal is to help ensure the experience of working at the hospital or being a patient or being a visitor is the best it can be.

We are delighted to share with you just a few of the highlights of our FoMCH support and the valued contributions our volunteers make. We hope you find it inspiring!

Beautiful grounds at Malvern Community Hospital.

At FoMCH we recognise the importance of pleasing surroundings and outdoor space for good mental and physical health and respite. FoMCH fundraising has enabled us to fund a gardener for the hospital grounds for several years. Our gardener is also supported by some greenfingered FoMCH volunteers. Interested in volunteering for FoMCH? Please keep an eye on our webpage: how to help.


You can find out about how FoMCH created a ping on the wards in July 2022 on our News and Events page.

Pandemic Response.

FoMCH were asked to support during the first Covid lockdown by making clothes e.g. scrubs for hospital employees. Thank you to everyone who volunteered for this important sewing task.

Bladder scanner.

Image of Portable Bladder Scanner

FoMCH purchased a portable bladder scanner for patients referred to the hospital’s physiotherapy department. It has since benefitted many patients in the area.

A small token of our appreciation.

FoMCH value the work of employees at the hospital. We take pleasure in showing our appreciation through treats on special occasions.

A CPMK1 Hip and Knee machine

This was purchased to support recovery following various medical procedures. This is another example of how FoMCH has responded to specific, specialist equipment requests for the hospital.